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Diabetes and Carbohydrates

October 29th, 2012

I read in a Nutrition book that high carbohydrate, low fat diets help control weight and is the most effective way to prevent type two diabetes. Is this true? I have always believed that carbohydrates add weight.

The nutritional goals for people with diabetes varies depending on their type of diabetes, cholesterol profile and other medical conditions.
In general, calories should be enough to achieve and maintain ideal body weight. Experts vary on the amount of carbohydrate in the diet, the old American Dietetic Association guidelines recommended 55-60 percent of calories should come from carbohydrates. But all experts agree that carbohydrates should come mainly from unrefined starches and whole wheat breads high in fiber. Always consult your medical doctor before changing your exercise or nutition plan. They can tell you which nutrition plan is best for you.

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