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Tips to Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

January 15th, 2010

Getting motivated to lose weight can be a sensitive topic. A lot of weight loss participants report having a breakthrough moment which provided motivation to shed extra pounds. I’ve devised a number of techniques to boost your weight loss inspiration.

These are a few of the top techniques to motivate your weight loss.

A future event: This can be anything from attending a wedding, going to your high school reunion or, the best motivator for me, taking a vacation. Over time I’ve come to see that I care the most if I think my size is going to humiliate me on the occasion. I’d prefer to perish instead of anyone seeing me in a swimsuit, thus I reserve a beach vacation.

Weight loss competition: I’m very competitive and despise losing (unless it’s weight). This competition requires someone you don’t like or a rival of yours however. If it just includes pals I tend to encourage them as I secretly sneak sweets.

Clothes to Motivate You: Select or purchase some clothes you’re dying to fit into (and could within reason). Put it in the same place you workout, weigh yourself, or even by the refrigerator. Think about yourself wearing it. You might want to change outfits sometimes. Eventually this motivation will just seem like part of the background.

Put on some of your former clothing:  It amazes me what I once fit into and could once more. Over time, wearing a larger size simply becomes the standard you’re accustomed to. When I see some of the tiny clothes I used to wear, they dwarf my present size. Put them on, imagining how you used to fit into this and will once more.

Charts and Graphs: I enjoy graphs and charts. I compose them on my computer, listing dates across the top with my weight at the side. Then you can track what you are losing each day. And, you can observe that at times, you pack on a bit prior to heading down again. This helps smooth over the rocky patches in your weight loss journey. In addition, I compose an exercise schedule calendar which I post along with my weight loss chart. This lets me observe how exercising has a direct impact on my weight loss.

Jot down why your goal is shedding pounds: Make a list of each reason you have for losing weight. Jot down the frivolous reasons too – they can be the most significant. Would you like to look like a model in a swim suit? That’s a terrific motivator, but being able to order dessert after dinner without anyone sneering at you is probably a more realistic goal.

Imagine a person you would love to see you. It is a good motivation to think about making an ex jealous. Whether you intend on ever seeing this person again isn’t the issue. Remember that for a minute. Think about how much they’ll regret having lost you when they see the new you. Or if this works better for you, think about what they’ll feel when when they see you and your fat. Will they be happy they are no longer with you? Anyone who is your rival or someone you don’t like would suffice. Particularly if they are hoping to shed pounds too. Imagine how green with envy they will be when they see you!

Hopefully a few of these motivation methods will be of assistance. Keep in mind that this is possible and each day brings you nearer to your objective. Next, look for somebody to compete with and watch them fume with envy!

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